Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program

Igulu Foundation runs an active and ever-evolving child sponsorship program aimed at securing outside sponsors and donors to give money for children’s school fees. The organization relies heavily on sponsors and donors to provide the bulk and simple of the financial support needed for schooling, as education in Uganda is very expensive relative to the income made by the majority of people in this country.

Most children have left out to benefit from education not that they don’t want but because they lack chance of having access to education. This is due to the following reasons;

They are living with people like single mothers and disabled people who are financially down to support them.

They are living in a community with no educated adults who would act as an examples for them hence losing morale.

Living in families where there are many children as it is in Uganda for a family to have a range of seven to seventeen children. This makes it hard for the family head to support all children towards education.

The high costs of education in Uganda also has left many children from poor families to get no access to quality education.

High rate of poverty in Ugandan among most families in our community this kills the chances of children to taste the fruitful of education.

Unemployment among local people in our community also leaves no chance for them to support their children towards education. And many more reasons which are restricting our community children to access education

All the above reasons and more is the cause for Igulu Foundation to exist so that we can stand and put an end to all hindrances which is making children in our community fail to get access to education. “We want to speak for those who can’t speak and we raise their voices far” said Igulu.

We partner with single mothers and other disabled family heads to make education accessible to their children and our sponsorship program and we have been able to sponsor twenty children out of 350 applicants through paying for them school tuition and providing them with scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, sets, rulers and others.

We are ready to help more as we keep receiving more donation and more sponsor to join our project. Our main target is to send all children in our community to school. This makes a big call to everyone from all corners of the world that you can join us through donating or sponsoring a kid. Any kind of help or support can provide more smiles to our community.

Our only hope for these children to have a brighter future is through sponsoring and supporting them towards their education.