Orphans and Homeless

Orphans and Homeless

No child ever wishes to be raised up without his/her parents because in life under normal circumstances, we are inspired and sustained by the presence of our parents, parental love and care is one of its kind. Growing up without a parent—an orphan it is so hard to speak, it is challenging first of all morally and in terms of attaining the basic necessities of life. Now we don’t mean that all orphans live a miserable life but from what we observed from our community, there is a “call for duty” to whoever will to put an end to such suffering orphans, in other words there is need to support.

Believe me, from the stories we’ve had with a few victims in our community, as a child you can easily be carried away by depression after losing your parents which in turn can lead to moral decay. The loss of parents to many children especially in our community tends to mark the end of their happiness as they stop getting the basic needs, of course, if you fail to obtain the basic needs, education becomes a mystery. Additionally, the lack of parental love makes a child feel unloved or discriminated in the society something that affects their self-esteem and some end up going to streets and becoming drug addicts not only but also they tend to run to streets. Therefore, it takes a couple of caring and helping hearts like yours and other people like you to revive the happiness of such a weary child.

The situation went through by orphans in our community is one of the concrete reasons why Igulu foundation stands in the first place. Since the founder after noticing the problem couldn’t solve it alone, he decided to startup a forum through which like-minded people globally can use to help the orphans in his community.

Please we call upon anyone from anywhere to look upon the suffering orphans who wants to be helped in form of basic needs like food, education, clothing and other personal requirements to see that they also live a happy and promising lives. You can donate to us any thing you have to make their lives matter.