Host Volunteer

Volunteer Hosting

People from around the globe exhibit differences from the way they speak, dress, eat, work to the way they share their feelings depending on the culture and setting of a particular geographic area.

Igulu foundation created an opportunity for all volunteers especially international volunteers to come and experience how local people in Bujjagali live. we welcome and host volunteers from all parts of the globe and in any number.

Here, volunteers are hosted in local families and now they become part of the community and therefore, it is the responsibility of the host family to care of the guest volunteer, to teach them how things are done and also give them a brief history of our culture and norms. Security is offered by everyone in the community. In the same scenario, the volunteers are fully allowed to participate in any community activity since they are now members of the community.

The volunteer fee is 10$ per day per volunteer. It is this money that we use for feeding and hosting.

Come share with us, experience and enjoy. You are welcome!

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