Disabled People

Have you ever had a temporal physical disability like a simple broken arm or leg or foggy eyes; you notice how uncomfortable it becomes for you to perform daily simple activities like carrying yourself to the washroom, showering or even eating. Then imagine how challenging it is for thousands of crippled, blind, deaf & mute, lame and many other disabled people.

From our eye witnesses in the community, It is more challenging for the disabled people to attain food, shelter and clothing because they can hardly work, and those who are able to work find no jobs that suit their conditions and at times they are despised. Some disabled people are mocked by their neighbours something that hurts their self esteem and it psychologically tortures them in the end. This has left many disabled people in Bujjagali community anxious and miserable and hope is completely deteriorated by the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

Since the issues are one of the major reasons why Igulu Foundation established, we help by sponsoring education for the disabled children and those whose parents are disabled. we also provide some basic needs like food and clothes on a routine basis to such families and we engage those who can, in our art and craft project. And we also educate the community on how to treat people with disability so that they live proudly in the community.

we welcome you to join us with any kind of help you can offer. it can be materialistic like clothes, food, gadgets or moral/motivational or monetary help to the people of Bujjagali community.

we embrace your support, please join us and we restore a smile of someone who is physically handicapped.