By estimation, 99% of the people of Bujjali community entirely depend on agriculture to earn a living since it is the economic backbone of Uganda. Having noticed this, Igulu foundation came up with a farming program through which we are able to provide food for the orphans, disabled and single mothers.

we have gardens where we grow a variety of crops like corn, beans, banana, sweet potato and vegetables like eggplant, Dodo, peas mainly for food. We also rear animals like goats and pigs and carryout poultry keeping. We use the products from these to feed our kids in the orphanage and we sell out some to meet other requirements.

Still on the farming program, we give out farming materials like seeds and tools to our community members more especially the single mothers and the vulnerable. And on the other hand of animal rearing and poultry keeping, we give out a certain number of animals or chicken to a group of five people (single mothers), so that when these animals and chicken produce, the offspring are divided amongst the five people for their wellbeing. We also help in educating the community about modern and effective farming practices.

it is these very farms that we use for demonstration to our hosted volunteers.

For now, this program has little impact due to the less funds that Igulu Foundation has but we believe with your support we can make it anyway. You can support us by donating us seeds, providing funds in cash form, donating us faming materials like hoes, pesticides, giving us advanced knowledge about farming among others. You can support us in any way possible for you, we welcome it. Your support will help improve the diet of someone in Bujjagali community.