Igulu Sinaan

Founder and Director

He was born and raised by a single mother in extended family of about seventy people at a local village called Bujagali along the River Nile in a distract called jinja in Uganda. He went through a lot of challenges and short comings during his childhood living in a family where mum was the head and responsible for everything yet she was unemployed. The challenges of lack of access to all basic needs made him to grow with the ideas of love and care for those who has shortcoming towards there basic needs. Igulu has been empowered those people who has been supporting his family and himself as a person. This made him to believe “People help the needy without any hope of being helped back” and feels that everyone is able to help the needy in anyway as long he or she has a giving heart and a supporting hand and heart.

Lwiire Ibrahim


My name is Lwiire Ibrahim a resident of Bujagali village in jinja district. Having worked with many village saving groups at village level I developed a question in my life of setting up an organization that would at least assist local people uplift their social economic spheres of life, which has been answered by Igulu foundation giving a reason to why supported its ideologies.

And am a person who believe that all people in the world are the same before God irrespective of the races. I have a feeling that in order to improve the social economic standards of living of the people as the intention that drove me to IGULU foundation, there should be a combination of people from different parts of the world irrespective of the race.

Therefore, I call upon all people in different parts of the world of different races to turn up and support IGULU foundation in order to achieve its goals love you all

Gulere Noah


Noah was born in Jinja and raised in different parts of Uganda. His passion for IGULU foundation roots from the fact that he grew up in almost a single mother’s family and he therefore he got to know how it feels and the possible negative effects of lacking the basic necessities of life.

Noah completed his high school at Iganga Top Care, Iganga district and he is now pursuing a Diploma in information technology at Kampala International University.

Kyazike Sarah

Vice Chairperson

She is a born of mafubira sub-county in jinja city but a resident of bujjagali village, she has been so intelligent in her life time .

Her background reveals her passionate to help one onother in the community , she has been a leader from her initial age i.e she started as a youth chancellor of bujjagali village, in 2016-2021 she was elected as a depurity mayor in charge of children and women affairs,however due to her positive outcome was later elected by her people to go and represent them to council of jinja city

Nangobi Madina

Information and Publicity

She was born and raised from Jinja district in Budondo sub county at a village called Bujagali. During her girl childhood she experienced few blackboards reason being during the last years about thirty ago girls were given less chances to education giving reasons that girls were meant to be prepared for marriage by teaching them on how to organize food and care for their future husband. Madina was forced to early marriage at early age of fourteen as a girl she has less say in the family. Her big interest for joining IGULU Foundation is to see that such actions come to total end. She believes that girl children can get access to quality education and avoid early marriage so that they can enjoy bright future and share on the national cake.

Kauma Sawuya


Igulu Bakali