History of the Fonder


Igulu was born and raised in Jinja town currently upgraded to Jinja city from a village called Bujagali which is located along River Nile from a country called Uganda the pearl of Africa. He is pursuing a diploma in Information Technology at Kampala International University in Uganda. He has been exposed to many great and experienced people from outside countries and in Uganda. He worked with many charity organizations, non-government organization and in some camping areas in Uganda. He worked as Nursery and primary teacher and also, he worked as a secondary teacher in the community schools not only that but also, he worked as a tour guide for about four years. His love for IGULU Foundation stems from his belief that every living person deserves to enjoy happy and good lifetimes on earth as long he is still alive. He derived this from Laura Gibson whom he met in 2015 who opted to help his family in terms of financial and economic activities not only her but also in same year he was connected to Cole Rathjen who rendered to support him academically in all ways. This forced him to think for a way of paying back to all people who supported him financially, socially and economically hence he developed a great idea called IGULU foundation after being empowered by Jennifer Mearns by telling him that the idea is nice and good for people to help the local people in Uganda.

Having experienced a single parent livelihood, a lot of challenges Igulu went through under the single total care of mother. Whenever I see people going through the situation which he already went through, it leaves him into tears.