About Us


The name IGULU FOUNDATION comes from Local Persons’ name called “IGULU" which means “heaven” in Lusoga (local language). The founder of the foundation has had a heartfelt sympathy towards the suffering of local people of Bujagali and Uganda at large such as students, uneducated people,unemployed youth, disabled people, young people, vulnerable people, old people, and single mothers in Uganda. Having worked as volunteers in some community-based organizations and non-government organizations like S.O.U.L foundation, some orphanages and many more,visiting and working in some tourist camps or sites and other local areas in Uganda, the IGULU foundation founder discovered that the need to support such local people in rural areas is very high.

At IGULU foundation, we believe that there are people out there who are ready and willing to help but they don’t know how to, because they lack connection to the local people who are in need of such help. This is due to absence of genuine charity-based organization and other factors.

In this scenario, IGULU foundation comes in to bridge those people with a helping and giving heart to those who are in need of help. We in other words, act as the voice for the needy people who cannot reach their voice to the supporting destinations.


IGULU foundation therefore, is here looking for a solution to the above-mentioned problems affecting the local people who are unable to raise their voice hence using Igulu foundation. Not only that but also the foundation fills the gap between local people and the foreign people/tourists/donors/volunteers or visitors and looking for away through which local people can benefit from the donors and also from tourists/tourism industry as it termed as “tourist leakage” or “zero-dollar tourism”